There is hope, whether your marriage is in crisis or you feel engulfed with disconnection and negative patterns of relating to one another.

An intensive is a customized therapeutic experience for individuals, couples, and/or families.

These provide a safe and comforting therapeutic environment for you to engage in the hard work of uncovering barriers and core themes while teaching tools to build greater understanding, connection, and intimacy.
During the 1 to 3 days of work, you can finally dig to the roots of the issues rather than continually pulling off the dead leaves.

So many times, weekly therapy is just that, a quick pruning, but not getting to the depth of the problems. Sometimes coming to weekly or bi-weekly couples sessions can feel more hurtful than helpful.

You can expect renewed hope, deepened friendship, and greater awareness of both the complexities and beauty of journeying well alongside one another.

It is challenging work - but the rewards are multi-faceted!
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Intensive Couples Therapy


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